Broody, Eggs and the Motion-Sensing Spotlight by Mr. Beams


Well, George has gone Broody. What is Broody? Well it’s when a chicken gets the urge to sit on eggs to hatch them. George currently has been sitting on golf balls for about 5 days. Yes, golf balls, they give her something that can’t go “bad” to sit on. I have been removing all eggs I find as soon as possible.  I am hoping to get her some fertile eggs on Thursday (looking like some Buff Brahma eggs will arrive Thursday morning) and move her to the old dog house (the new broody house, AKA Maternity ward/Nursery) to incubate and raise some chicks!

I will add more later on this excitement!




Bluey laid her first egg last Wed and has laid an egg almost every day since. She was 21 weeks old. I am sure Clarisse will start any day now, she seams to be a week younger.


Bluey’s first egg compared to Georges small egg

Motion-Sensing Spotlight with Remote Control

I go this great light to product test! It is a battery operated Motion-Sensing Spotlight with Remote Control. It’s lighting up the coop at night if I need to go lock the girls in after dark and will turn on if anything tries to get in after dark. My nephew helped me install and adjust this light to work when someone (or something) is near the front of the chicken coop. I love how easy it was to install, even easier to adjust and the remote control option is wonderful. I can turn the light on by remote before I walk out to lock the girls in for the night and if a raccoon of fox get in the Motion-Sensing Spotlight scares them away.

I recommend this light to anyone who needs a quick install Motion-Sensing Spotlight. It would work well for a pathway, driveway, garbage can areas! I just love how it’s keeping my girls safe 🙂


Chicken coop light up with the Motion-Sensing Spotlight by Mr. Beams 🙂