Baby Chicks and a Book!

Baby Chicks!!!

It is amazing to me how quickly they go from this:



To This:

 989299_10201305749799140_1838054640_o 1353530_10201342402595437_407230161_o 1373182_10201381685857494_551483771_o


Having the babies around has been so much fun. I like it better when the broody mama does the work too 🙂

Now I think we have two boys and three girls due to the fact that two are much slower to feather out, I guess in about a month I will know for sure.

I’m Writing a book (or two)! 

I design houses and landscapes for a living. It is fun, but I always have to design what the client wants. So I decided to write a book of Chicken Coop Designs! In the book I will have some basic needs and upgrades you need or want in you coops plus  5 full plans with materials lists. I think I will only have it on Amazon as an e-book for now and charge about $10 for it. I will post some previews for you all to give me some feedback.