No much going on…

We are back from a one week vacation and boy did those girls get BIG! They are also spoiled rotten. The people taking care of them gave them apples every day and lots of meal worms. Whenever they see me they think I am bringing more treats to them. So funny.

BR's EE's

BTW, chickens are so noisy when they put themselves to roost at night. They make such a racket it makes me laugh so much. It’s like they are fighting over the best spot to roost. They have 5 roost bar options from 2′  long to 4′ long and the 4 of them squeeze on the last 2′ of a 4′ bar.

We were hoping to replace George, but it looks like that will not be happening this year. Next spring we will get some new chicks… or maybe some older pullets. I will spend the winter researching what we want and order 6 or so… I mean we have to have extras in case of another death, right. All I know for sure is I want a Blue Lace Red Wyandotte 🙂 and maybe a Silkie or two. They are not big egg layers, but so pretty.



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