Fortifying the chicken run + Automatic chicken watering system

We spent the weekend fortifying the chicken run. Matt is now calling it Ft. Knox.

A 2ftx4in trench was dug around the perimeter; welded dog wire was added to the lower screening areas (in addition to the chicken wire) and run all the way down in the 2′ trench and then we filled the trench with concrete and topped with big rocks. We do have a nice flat rock entrance to the run now. Maybe I should just make a nice flagstone patio there to sit an watch my chickens? Oh honey… I have a new project for you 🙂

IMG_20130515_090704_981   IMG_20130515_090714_468

Then I moved one of my garden cabinets (to now hold chicken stuff and am adding a chainlink gate about 6′ from the coop/run area.  I still need to add a post and something to the old dog house (that the dogs do not use) to make the gate work. If Noodle gets through that then is a magician.


Then last night we finished the 5 gal. automatic chicken watering system. We are using Matt’s old 5 gal. mash tun cooler (used for soaking grains when making beer). He got a bigger one and this one was just collecting dust. I like the idea of the cooler, that will almost always be in the shade, so the water should not get hot in the summer and the light cannot get in so we should not have an allege problem. We are also adding a drip line from the irrigation to the cooler so that is automatically re-fills every other day. The one thing we did think of at 10pm last night when we were finishing this project up with head lamps, is that we should add a valve to the PVC pipes to drain the system for cleaning. We can do that when we return from our AZ vacation in a few weeks. Now I have a few months to figure out a way to keep it from freezing in the winter.


The two older girls have already figured out how to use it!

And now the neighbors will not have much to do to when they watch the chickens when we go on vacation 🙂


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