Chicken Feed bag upcycling.

We have yet to even go through a full 50lbd bag of feed, but a few people have been willing to give me their saved feed bags for these up-cycle projects. I am so happy for that! And a few offered to keep saving bags for us too. Maybe we can do a bunch for our fundraiser next year.

Next week my daughters Girl Scout troop and I will be making feed bag shopping bags for an Earth Day Project (I know a few days after Earth day).

This is my Sample Bag for the girls to see what we are making.

feed bag Shopping Bag

This is a pile of bag strips to make the Shopping bag handles. I am going to pre-make all but one for the girls, to stream line the process.

Feed bag handle strips

And the pile of bags too.  I will be pre-sewing the top and adding the handles to all but one of these also. The girls will just sew the bottoms of the bags they make.

fed bag pile

In my process of prepping for the Girl Scout meeting I decided I had more than enough bags for each girl to get one and to make a few extras for the nice people who gave us the feed bags, so I also made new liners for my hanging tomato cages.

Before  Before - Hanging Tomato cage      After  After Hanging Tomato Cage

I can not even begin to do the instructions justice, so here is the site I used to learn how to make the shopping bags.


I just used my old worn out liners as a guide for the tomato cage bags.


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