Corona Street Coop

Here is our finished coop. It took about 3 weeks to complete & we only bought the wire and hardware. All lumber items were laying around the house or a friends house.I had a window and a door laying around too.

Our Coop is  6′ x 3.5′ with a 6’x6′ run. The coop is raised about 12″ at the door. All wire is nailed to a 2×4 then sandwiched with a second 2×4. It is also buried 8 to 12 inches. It is tall enough for me to get in to clean (door is about 5′, so I have to duck down). We put a roof over the whole coop&run since we live in Colorado and you never know what the weather will be like.

There is a 6′ privacy fence on 2 sides of the run and the wire on 1 side. One reason we put it next to the house was to run an outlet to it. There was already a pre-wire for an exterior box in this spot. Also we are hoping between our dogs, neighbor dogs and closeness to the house it will keep most  predators away. I did get a flooring company to give me a scrap of Leno Floor to lay for easy clean up 🙂 Love that!


The girls first night in the coop.

The 'big' girls moved into their coop today


Day 1 – Use kid labor to level out coop and run area

Day 2 -use 2 pallets for the floor. 6 pieces of 4×6 cedar for the legs.  Since it’s up against the house an porch we pre-sidded & painted the walls.

West wall and nest box area. Painted and ready to install.

End of day 1 – Floor and three walls done, 4th wall framed.


Day 2 – My daughter and I painted an old door (It was in my garden & we had chicken wire and lattice on it with vines last summer).

End of Day 2- Door Done!

Day 3 – (about a week after day 1) . Run and roof begin framing. Window was installed on Day 2. The window was in a pile I am collecting for a green house or VERY LARGE cold frame.


South Wall installed.


My artwork, I mean the door is installed.


End of Day 3. Chicken wire up, South wall done & door installed.


Day 4 – Nesting boxes built.


Roof started. (kid help)


Day 7& 8 – Ramp built, roosting bars installed.


Pic’s of inside did not come out well. So I did not post. If I can get some I will add them.

End of Day 8 – Done!



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