And so it begins

Hi, I am a work from home/stay at home mom in the middle of Downtown Colorado Springs. And this is our Chicken Story.

So let me start our Urban Chicken Story and all about the chickens to be known as the Corona Street Chickens. About 4 years ago I asked my Dear Husband (to be refereed to as DH from here on) if we could have chickens. He said NO! Every few months since then I have planted my ‘seed’ about how fun/useful/educational  it could be. How Fresh eggs are good, how learning where our food comes from and the responsibility would be good for the kids and how good chicken poop is for the gardens/grass. And on and on.  In Dec. he decided he was ok with us getting chickens. I found out his plans in March 🙂 DH told me I can have 4 chickens, city says MAX 10 hens.

So I stated reading up on what I needed to know 🙂 Made a list of my top 10 chicken breeds. So…

April 1st we got 2 Barred Plymouth Rocks (his choice bird). Clarisse & Bluey. They were 6 weeks old when we got them.


April 8th we go 3 Easter Eggers. Crab, George & Enchilada. These girls (yes all girls, as we can only have HENS) are about 5 days old when I pick them up from

379 378 380

Now lets learn some Chicken Math 🙂  DH says 4 .

2 + 3 = 5 🙂  We may still get a Blue laced Red Wyandotte from a friend of a friends Such a pretty bird,

So 4 = 2 +3+1= 6. DH has yet to understand Chicken Math.

Three weekends and lots of reclaimed lumber later we built a coop big enough  for 10 chickens.


Maybe he does understand Chicken Math!

Tomorrow the big girls, now 7.5 weeks old, will move outside to the coop. Right now they live in my office in an old Pac-n-play that was my kids (who are now 6 & 8). I will miss them in my office. Sitting on my head, yelling at me for treats.


Ok I will only a miss them when I am not really trying to work.

When the Babies turn 6 weeks old they will move out of the basement bathroom to the coop.

So that’s the beginning of our story… More to come 🙂

P.s. The name of the blog… that was the DH’s idea 😉


One comment on “And so it begins

  1. tbnranch says:

    Hi from TBN Ranch! Looking forward to watching your flock grow! Chicken Lips? ha ha

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